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Elite Training by Roger Teixeira

STS ELITE is a year-round, regional soccer school dedicated to developing players' footballing abilities through a series of technical training methodologies.

Our vision is to provide our young players exposure to the highest standards of coaching and the pathway to ensure that players have an opportunity to experience their own soccer journey as far as their potential and dreams will allow.




United States Soccer Federation

"A" License

UEFA (Spanish Federation)

"B" License

Training Philosophy


“When you’re young, winning is not the most important thing. It’s developing as a player that is most important.”


My program focuses heavy on players technical ability, I am very clinical with my details when working with young players. My training focuses heavily on ball mastery, first touch, movement, communication, identifying players best positions, ability to defend/attack properly, reading and understanding game at a higher level at a young age.


The goal is to find young players who are passionate about the game. Teaching them the importance of training, practicing on your own, playing small sided games, watching soccer and doing it for the love of the game.


I’ve had more than 12 years of experience coaching, worked in Barcelona, worked in Accra Ghana with National team players, Sammi Adjei, Joe Ado. I’ve had the pleasure of working under great coaches over the years at a very young age. My experience and knowledge have led me down this path and having the opportunity to teach the game properly to players trying to better themselves.

What greater pleasure is there in life, than to be able to do what you love and to hear the wonderful things people have to say about your work.